Who, When, and How Much? The Ultimate Event Gratuity Guide

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Talking tips can be an awkward topic! You've already spent so much on your vendors, and some of them (i.e. caterers) can tack on administrative or other fees that are an additional percentage on top of your total! This fee is almost never a tip and will not get distributed to any employee who has worked on your event. You don't want to seem cheap or ungrateful, but if you have 20 or more people to consider tipping, it can really add up.

Gratuity is almost always an optional add on left up to you to figure out. For weddings, it's pretty much expected for the couple to tip most or all vendors involved, but there are a lot of guides out there that are confusing and not specific enough to help you figure out what level of gratuity you would like to provide. You probably plan on tipping your caterer, but do you tip the staff you won't even interact with on the day of the wedding (i.e. rental delivery staff, florist, baker)? If you plan (or hire an event planner to plan) a kids birthday party, do you tip the venue staff, face painter, planner, etc? If you are a bridesmaid planning your friends bridal shower, do you handle the tipping of staff, florist, venue, etc?

With my experience as an event planner I want to make sure all of these questions are answered (and way more!), which is what I've done in this "Ultimate Gratuity Guide" below. If you are still left with questions, please