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Top 6 Tips For Party Planning During COVID-19 "Coronavirus" Crisis

Luxe Life Event Design is here to help you in wedding and party planning! If you are currently planning a Fall, Winter, or 2021 event, be sure that you have all details covered so that you are protected.

Third birthday party planned, coordinated and designed by Luxe Life Event Design.
Lucas' third birthday party planned, coordinated and designed by Luxe Life Event Design.

Luxe Life Event Design's Top 6 COVID-19 Party Planning Tips

1. Carefully review every contract you sign

Make sure there is a postponement or cancellation policy in place so you know if payments are refundable and if there will be additional costs for changing the date due to COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.

2. Get everything in writing

If you adjust your date, ask your vendors to redo your contract, noting if and when deposits have already been paid. You should document everything, and have a clear line of communication with everyone involved. It’s a really crazy time for the events industry, and it’s helpful for you to overcommunicate with everyone as we all navigate new schedules.

Knowing how complicated contracts can get with some venues and vendors, please reach out to me for assistance with this. As the owner and wedding / event planner of my company Luxe Life Event Design I can consult for your wedding or party on an as needed basis in these trying times!

3. Get receipts for all deposits and payments that you give

Be sure to look over the payment schedule. When you pay by cash, get a written receipt signed by both you and the vendor. Also make sure you know when new payments are due!

4. Lock in your rates

Ask your planner, venue, and vendors if rates will rise if you have to postpone to the next year. See if they will honor the date change at the same rate for up to one year if you do need to change.

If you don't have a planner, now is a great time to seek the guidance of a professional event planner. We are presented with challenges every day, and are prepared with the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the planning process!

5. Postpone birthday parties 1 year

If you’ve already paid for a venue, planner, food, decorations, and other costs for a birthday, consider postponing 1 full year. Alternatively, adjust the party to be a Summer celebration (COVID-19 regulations permitting). Ask all of your vendors to carry over your deposits and payments to a new date.

6. Party at Home!

If you are like most other Americans and are quarantined at home, don’t let that cause you to miss a family members birthday! Shop our NEW Etsy offerings – Luxe Petite Party Packs for any themed party! Low cost but upscale party products and activities to party at home during your social distancing and self-quarantine.

Our Luxe Petite Party Packs: Think – a home thrown party coordinated by you but planned by us! We’ve curated the best products out there to give an upscale look (not just the paper plates you have leftover from another party!) to make your child, family member or friend feel really special! (View our complete Etsy Shop: Luxe Life Event Design's Etsy Shop)

We're Here to Help You and Your Event

Stay safe and please contact us for any wedding or party planning consulting. We are here to help all wedding couples, families and friends through this time of social distancing! You can reach me through the contact page on my website at and on instagram @TheLuxeLifeEventDesign, @LuxeKidsParties.


Photo By: Luxe Life Event Design

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