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5 Luxe Holiday Party Hosting Tips for a Trendy Party

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Custom carved ice menorah for a Hanukkah holiday party at Jane's Carousel in Dumbo Brooklyn, New York. Event planned, coordinated and designed by Luxe Life Event Design.
Custom carved ice menorah for a Hanukkah holiday party in Brooklyn, NY. Event Planner: Luxe Life Event Design

1. Decorate The Party Spaces You Spend The Most Time In

If you have a passion for party decorating like us, then you absolutely love this time of year! Decorate the spaces you spend most of your time in – a home office, bedroom, living area, along with the entryway and outside of your home. Make your spaces feel cozy and relaxing and use colors and patterns that are within your personal style.

2. Shop Out Your Baking

We get it – your life probably gets a bit crazier around the holidays! With extra commitments, fitting in your normal activities, and potentially hosting family and friends, the next few weeks only get more hectic. If you are short on time, consider ordering a holiday pie from your favorite bakery! There’s been an increase in pie bakeries around NYC, and many other bakeries will offer pies this time of year. Be sure to place your order now as their schedules do fill up. Attending a holiday dinner? Make sure you know what to bring as a host/hostess gift.

3. Maximize Luxe Party Décor With Candles

Include tons of candles on your holiday table and throughout your entertaining area. The glow from the candles will create a beautiful and festive environment. Mix pillar candles with votives down the center of your holiday table, and add votives on mantles, coffee tables, and by the bar.

4. Stock Up On Décor Right Before And After The Holidays

Treat yourself and your home to some trendy holiday décor pieces. Many holiday staples never go out of style. Shop sales right before and after Christmas to get trees, wreaths, wrapping supplies, and more for next year.

5. Hire Party Help!

It’s a no brainer! The holiday season can be overwhelming or if you have the budget to hire some help and want to make sure you have time to enjoy the holiday, we highly suggest it! Whether you want staff to assist with cooking, serving, and/or setting and cleaning up, OR if you need help designing your space, planning your menu and décor, and coordinating your event, Luxe Life is the go to event planner! With limited availability throughout the rest of the holiday season, reach out today for all levels of party planning help.

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