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Pool party with Luxe Life Balloons yellow, pink, purple and green jumbo helium and air filled balloons floating above and in a pool in South Hampton, NY. Balloon centerpieces stuffed with small balloons in matching colors in background as kids table centerpieces. All set infront of a large li Hamptons house.

Find the balloons you're looking for.

If it can be done with balloons, we can create it.
Wall. Column. Helium Bouquet. Centerpiece. Sculpture. Tunnel.
Multicolored Luxe Life Balloons circle balloons wall with custom sign. Yellow, pink, blue, green and orange balloons with yellow smile face balloons designed in a freestanding circle. First birthday lettering.

Balloon Wall

Freestanding. Organic balloon wall. Multiple styles and sizes/shapes available. Priced by the square foot.
From $12.50/sq. ft.

Our Walls bring smiles.

Major league Feature Pieces

Balloon Sculpture

Balloons sculpted to feature almost anything. From baseballs to logos a Balloon Sculpture says it with balloons.
Priced by design
Baseball balloon sculpture by Luxe Life Balloons for a Bar Mitzvah in NJ.

Balloon Essentials


Helium balloon bouquet from Luxe Life Balloons with pink, yellow, orange balloons, and a white number two balloon.
Classic helium filled balloon Bouquet but in Luxe Life Balloons style. Multiple size options available.
From $75


Two Luxe Life Balloons custom rainbow unircorn balloon columns. With pastel rainbow balloon colors, custom birthday name lettering in gold, and white balloon numbers two and four made to look like a balloon rainbow and balloon unicorn. Balloon columns sit beside a custom birthday directional sign in matching colors.
Freestanding style. Organic or spiral. A balloon column is a great addition to an entrance, or to bring color.
From $75/ea.


Luxe Life Balloons teddy bear balloon tabletop centerpiece. White bear holding white, silver and blue balloons for a winter themed baby shower.
Small to large. Air or Helium. Balloon centerpieces are designed for your tablescape vision.
Priced by design


Two jumbo helium balloon centerpieces by Luxe Life Balloons. Custom lettering in pink and peach on clear balloons filled and tasseled with eucalyptus greenery.
Luxe Life Balloons can customize any balloon. From a simple name lettering to complex graphics.
Priced by design
Can't find what you're looking for?
We'll create it for you! Tell us what you're looking for on our balloon inquiry form.
It's really easy!

Made from
The Best Balloons on Earth

All natural. Sustainably sourced. Biodegradable. Luxe Life Balloons latex balloons minimize environmental impact. 

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