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6 Gifts You Should Bring to a Holiday Dinner Party the Host will Love

Fall tablescape of apple cider doughnuts and apples in baskets and crates. Photo by The Luxe Life Event Design.

Attending a holiday dinner or party (or a bunch) this year? Good etiquette says to never show up empty handed! Even if you’re attending the same Thanksgiving dinner you’ve attended every year since forever, it’s still polite to give something back to whoever is hosting and opening up their home to you.

The first thing you should do when you respond that you are attending is ask what you can bring. If the hosts don’t need to you bring anything, here are a few Luxe Life approved ideas you should still consider bringing for any budget:

What to Bring to a Holiday Dinner Party?

1. A Bottle (or two) of Wine

In the wintertime, go for a spicy red or sparkling white. Even better – get both! The hostess or host can use them at dinner, or keep for themselves for after dinner.

2. A Crudité Platter and Tupperware

If the dinner or party you’re attending has appetizers or a cocktail hour, offer or bring a crudité platter, as this is something that will last a few days after the holiday. Don’t bring this on a board that you want back. Instead, bring a Tupperware for the hosts so they can pack up and put in their fridge, or send back with you.

3. Fruit Basket

Put together a DIY fruit basket. With all of the sweets during the holiday party season, it’s refreshing to bring some bright and healthy fruit. Pack up apples, pears, and oranges in a basket for the family.

4. Candles

Bring a seasonally scented candle for the host to light during dinner or anytime during the holiday season.

5. Flower Arrangement

You can’t go wrong with a tasteful floral arrangement. Bring something that doesn’t get in the way or take up too much space. The host may want to use as a centerpiece, or they may want to use after the dinner for their own enjoyment.

6. Breakfast for the Host House

Something really thoughtful is to bring some breakfast for the hard working chef(s). Bake or pick up some scones or danishes along with some good quality jam. Seal the food so it lasts until the next morning, and present in a sweet basket.

Holiday Party Help

For more ideas throughout the holiday season, or if you need help hosting or coordinating your own dinner or party, Luxe Life Event Design has planning services such as day of coordination, that can help make your holiday parties truly special and run smoothly!


Photo By: Luxe Life Event Design

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