COVID-19 "Coronavirus": Should I Cancel My Wedding?

Amidst the outbreak of COVID-19, popularly known as "Coronavirus", we have provided suggested steps you should take to ensure COVID-19 global pandemic isn't a guest at your wedding or event!

*Please Note. This is not medical advice and that we are only speaking to the effect this pandemic has on the logistics of your weddings or special events.

COVID-19 "Coronavirus": Should I Cancel My Wedding?

Should I Cancel My Wedding or Party Because of Coronavirus?

Every single person has been somewhat affected by the new coronavirus, whether it’s impacted your work, business, travel plans, or social media feeds! The hospitality industry is one of the first to be negatively impacted by a pandemic and potential economic hit like we are currently experiencing.

Hundreds of large events are being postponed or cancelled all over the country and world. Some smaller private events are being rescheduled too due to increased guest cancellations. The best thing we can all do is stay relaxed and approach every action with common sense.

1. If you are hosting an event or meeting within the next week:

  • You’ll likely want/need to postpone if your confirmed or expected turnout is low.

  • Work virtually and change small meetings and events to virtual if possible.

2. If you are hosting an event or meeting within the next two months:

  • Don’t worry yet, but get prepared.

  • It’s important to check in with all vendors, speakers, and other entities to make sure everyone is on the same page. Even if you’re comfortable hosting the event, you don’t want vendors to cancel because they are concerned about attending. Check all of your contracts for contingency plans and cancellation clauses.

  • If the situation has not calmed down by the week before your event and your guest count has dropped, consider postponing.

  • If you’re changing a larger party to a smaller home gathering (e.g. kids birthday party), reach out to us to get one of our NEW PARTY KITS that has custom designed décor in any theme (e.g. paper products, birthday candles, decorations and lots more) for any size event. Browse Luxe Life Event Design's Etsy Shop while you’re home this week!

  • Look into cancellation insurance – this could cover certain losses due to a cancellation that’s out of your control.

3. If you are hosting an event or meeting this Summer or Fall:

  • Keep calm and standby, it’s very possible the virus will be significantly decreased and under control by your event.

  • Check in with all vendors and review your contracts – ask to add a cancellation and rescheduling clause and get on the same page.

  • Consider getting cancellation insurance now.

Luxe Life Event Design's Event Planning and Design Services

Luxe Life Event Design continues to take on new clients and events and currently all scheduled events will continue as planned, unless evolving restrictions prevent our larger events from taking place.

We, like so many other small businesses and shops, are taking every possible precaution when it comes to health and hygiene standards. We’ll be prepared with extra disinfectant, gloves, and water at every event. Reach out now for advice on how to handle your upcoming event!

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