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Amazing Social Distance Party Solution: LUXE Balloon Bags!

Updated: May 26, 2020

These bags of fun balloons are such a great idea for anyone celebrating a birthday during social distancing! They are also great for "just because" entertainment for the entire family. Luxe Life Event Design will deliver your LUXE Balloon Bag with contactless delivery to select New Jersey zip codes.

LUXE Balloon Bag

Luxe Life Event Design is proud to be providing these amazing bags of balloons we call "LUXE Balloon Bags" to our local community in New Jersey. These bags are filled with all types of balloons, air filled and with helium filled options. We are overcoming the social distancing party dilemma by bringing happiness and entertainment to birthday party celebrations that would have gone on without adequate decorations or fun. (And we would know, our standards for party décor are extremely high!)

As a boutique luxury event planning company, Luxe Life pre-social distancing mandates in NYC and NJ would be planning, designing and setting up extravagant weddings and parties right now. With events being postponed and canceled across the globe, we wanted to make sure that we take care of our local community in the way we know best, parties! Making sure everyone can still have a proper party is our goal right now, even if friends and family are attending via video, our Luxe decorations bring a sense of normalcy and fun!

Send Balloons as a Gift!

We have so many orders being sent to family, friends and loved ones to help provide cheer and bring happiness to missed moments together. Hearing the stories shared by our customers giving and receiving our balloon bags is so rewarding! We love being able to make moments in your life as special as we know they should be!

Contactless Delivery to NJ

Right now we are delivering locally. We'll deliver your LUXE Balloon Bag to select New Jersey zip codes. Just follow the information on our LUXE Balloon Bag page for more on our delivery radius.

Fun Quarantine Activities

And they are more then just party decorations! We provide an exclusive activity guide with every order to entertain the entire family including our top 10 fun activities you can do with our LUXE Balloon Bags. Great for a kids party, or pick one up just to have something to do during quarantine and social distancing!

Where to Order?

For more information about these Balloon Bags go to their dedicated page on Luxe Life's website here : LUXE Balloons Bags


Additional Resources for Social Distancing Partying

  • Reach out to Luxe Life Event Design with any questions or concerns you have about details for your wedding or event. Or if you need a planner or coordinator for a future event, we're here to help! We're offering consulting on an as needed basis to help our clients, families and friends through this time.



Photo By: Luxe Life Event Design

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