How to Throw a “New Normal” Party or Wedding

Social Distance NJ Wedding Ceremony and Reception by Luxe Life Event Design

Even though nothing really feels normal about the last 6 months, we do seem to be developing new trends that already feel familiar for our life celebrations. Those lucky enough to have yards and space are moving the parties home, and some are having small gatherings at other public outdoor spaces like restaurants and parks.

Just because the party might have to be downsized in attendees, doesn’t mean you have to downsize the decor! In fact, since most parties with your home as the venue save so much in budget, there is more wiggle room to play around and really transform the space to something special. This may be the Summer and Fall we remember as the most creative and unique social gatherings we’ll ever have! Some trends and ideas you should consider for your next gathering:

Party Tents and Rentals

As event planners we know that every outdoor event needs a contingency plan for weather. You should either plan a rain date, or plan to have some tents! We’ve seen many backyard birthdays and showers with a few pop-up canopy tents, and we’ve coordinated some with rented in larger tents. Either way, it protects guests from both extreme sun and potential rain.

Something else to consider for parties at home is the amount of seating needed. Borrowing or renting some extra folding tables and chairs might be necessary depending on your guest count. Even if you’ve never had to rent extra before, you’ll want to be sure that guests have enough space to feel comfortable.

Party Planner

Having a planner is essential now more than ever! With all the new regulations to abide by on top of the normal logistics of planning a wedding or party, having a planner to create a schedule, book vendors, and ensure your event runs smoothly is a must. Luxe Life Event Design has a team that plan and design events of all sizes in NYC, NJ, LI and destinations! Inquire about our event planning and design services.

DIY Party Decor

With some people having some extra time on their hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn how to make some decor! Try your hand at that Pinterest idea you’ve been wanting to recreate. If you aren’t the crafty type or don’t have the time, take a look at some handmade party decor available on Luxe Life's Etsy shop!

Yard Cards

You’ve probably seen yard card setups somewhere in your neighborhood, on your Instagram feed, or driving around town. They’re a fantastic way to announce to passersby that there is a birthday in your household! You can purchase your own set online, or rent one from a local yard card rental company! We know almost all the vendors who rent yard cards in NJ so contact Luxe Life if your looking to decorate your yard! These pair perfectly with balloon decorations as well.


Hands down our favorite trend, and something we specialize in! There are so many options available to customize a party or wedding with balloons. We’ve loved decorating front doors all over Northern NJ, creating prom and graduation photo backdrops, delivering garlands and helium bouquets, and sculpting giant balloon arches for all kinds of occasions. Commemorate your next party or milestone with custom balloon decorations!

Health Safety

Something we’ve only minimally had to think about until this year is a extreme attention to health at events. Of course we always make sure that access to restrooms and handwashing is available, but now we’re creating handwashing stations, hand sanitizer at every table, and ensuring no cross contamination happens. Seating guests farther apart than normal, having a dedicated server delegated to plating food, and ensuring there is plenty of space for people to move about freely are all things that need to be carefully considered. Hand sanitizer party favors and extra masks on hand are becoming new staples for hosts to consider.

Additional Info

For more on social distance partying view our top 6 tips for partying during COVID 19.

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Photo by: Luxe Life Event Design

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