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Party ideas that are TWO good to pass up! Creative party ideas for a second birthday.

Second birthday party planned, coordinated and designed by Luxe Life Event Design in Brooklyn, NY.
Amazing second birthday party planned, coordinated and designed by Luxe Life Event Design in Brooklyn, NY, with custom designed favors and tags, custom Luxe Party Décor and balloons!

Kids Party Planning

First birthdays are for the parents and their family and friends. They are so sweet and special and will be remembered by the family.

Third birthdays usually have themes that are reflective of what interests the toddler is developing! It’s generally easy to plan a party for a 3 year old as they are often drawn to a certain cartoon, movie or character. If nothing else, it’s easy to plan a fun, brightly colored party for a 3 year old.

The somewhat tricky birthday can sometimes be the 2nd birthday. There may or may not be an obvious theme or style for the party. Our party planning clients will often spend much more on a kids first birthday as they want the first ever birthday party for their child to be super special! By age 3, we are sourcing venues for our clients that have activities for the kids since they are ready to run around and be creative with all of their friends!

7 Tips / Suggestions for Planning a Second Birthday Party

So what do you do for a second birthday? Take a look at our 7 tips and suggestions for the perfect 2nd birthday party:

  1. Incorporate “Two” into the theme (e.g. “Tea for Two”, “Two the Moon”, “Two Wild”)

  2. Schedule it around naptime!

  3. Have lots of fun interactive entertainment (e.g. music, balloon artist, character visits, petting zoo)

  4. Have lots of kid friendly snacks and beverages at kid height so they can help themselves to juice boxes, goldfish, puree packets, etc.

  5. Don’t forget the parents – have some beer/wine for those hardworking parents if the venue allows!

  6. Keep favors fun and simple – a toy or edible treat is perfect for young toddlers. And don't forget custom favor tags to add that extra special touch for your guests to enjoy! Luxe Life Event Design's Etsy Shop has varieties to chose from and can custom design tags to match your party design.

  7. Hire the best kids party planner, Luxe Life Event Design to help you keep the party planning on budget and have the party run smoothly! Luxe Life Event Design has years of experience planning, designing and coordinating kids parties in NYC!


Photo by: Luxe Life Event Design

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