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Ultimate Guide: Which Type of Event Planning Service is Right for You?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Planning companies come in all shapes, types, and sizes and specialize in different types of events. When looking for an event planner, knowing a few basic terms can help save you time and provide you with the knowledge needed to determine what level of service you should be looking for.

Luxe Life event planner placing table setting

5 Must-Know Types of Event Planning Services

As an Event Planner I know first hand that the lines are blurred when it comes to the titles we possess. This is because as the planning process evolves we take on SO many different roles. As a general guideline, I'll break down the five different types of planners and the various tasks they cover:

1. Event Coordinator

(Wedding Coordinator, Day of Coordinator, Month of Coordinator)

This type of planner comes in at the beginning or partway through your planning process, and then checks in again the month of the event. You should book your event coordinator as soon as possible, and check in with them throughout the planning process. You’ll share contracts, vendor details, schedules, and layouts with them so they can review and follow your plan perfectly on the day! This is for the organized client that wants to save money or genuinely likes to plan, but doesn’t want to set up or clean up or worry about problems that come up during the event.

2. Partial Planner

(Event Planner, Wedding Planner)

This is somewhat of a new concept in the events industry. Brides, grooms, and clients are more and more interested in being hands on during the process, but still welcome some professional help from someone who can ensure the event goes off without a hitch. You might want help with finding your vendors and creating a layout, but you will handle sending and tracking invites, finding your dress, and other details. This is for the client that wants to be mindful of a budget, but already has some details planned or doesn’t mind planning!

3. Full Service Planner

(Event Planner, Wedding Planner)

This is for the bride, groom, or client that wants help in just about every detail of the planning process. Some may want to be involved but prefer the expert to handle most details, some may want to step back and let the planner do what they do best. Everything from designing and mailing your invitations to helping to choose your vendors, menu, colors, attire, transportation, and everything else! This is for the client that is prepared to spend more on planning services and wants to hand over the work to someone else and have a say in only the things they care about.

4. Event Designer

(Wedding Designer)

Another somewhat new service, an event designer focuses strictly on décor and design of your overall space, and maybe favors, table settings, and more. They will create or source custom pieces of décor, work with a florist to create an array of floral décor, and more. If you want to handle all of the logistics of your wedding/event, or hire a planner to do so, you may want to consider a designer if your planner does not handle this in house. This is often for a client that wants everything to look Insta-worthy and sincerely cares about the beautiful aesthetics of their event.

5. Corporate Planner

(Meeting Planner, Convention Planner)

This is a person or company that brings together all logistics for a conference, meeting, or other event for a corporation or group. They determine the purpose of the event, find the venue (often a destination) that allows for all needs of the group including conference spaces, hotel rooms, and more. They may organize outings, entertainment, décor, and more. A corporate planner also works after the event is over to determine how successful the event was in meeting the organizations goals.


What if my venue provides a planner?

Your venue may come with a dedicated planner that covers a majority of details. If your venue (often a banquet hall, restaurant or hotel) has someone like this but you still want a more customized event, it may make sense for you to hire an event designer to focus on décor and to bring in personalized details. If your venue is just an empty space where you need to handle a ton of details, you’ll benefit from a partial or full service planner.

Do What Feels Right

Figure out what makes the most sense for you and your budget, and interview your potential planner to see if you’re a good fit to work together! After all, your planner is the only person who is at your event from set up to breakdown and will follow the layout, designs, and schedules that you create together.

We at The Luxe Life Event Design offer all of the above services and would be happy to answer any questions you have and to have the opportunity to bring your vision to life!

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