Top 3 Wedding Planning Tips for All Couples

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

We share so much advice with our clients on how to have the best experience planning (and attending!) their wedding. No matter what style of wedding you are having, there is some advice that applies to every single couple.

Bride and groom showing wedding rings on their wedding day.

1. Plan Your Target Budget and Your Max Budget

You’ve heard it from many people: "I blew my wedding budget!". One of my biggest pieces of advice is to work with your partner (and parents or other people if you have help paying for your wedding) to create a realistic budget. This requires a lot of research to get it right. Think about the guest count, location, venue possibilities, catering options, décor, attire, entertainment, and all other costs that you think you might have. You should research local vendors and reach out to only the ones you are really interested in based on style, cost, and reviews. Once you have that number of what you think the wedding should cost, add on at least 10%-20% for miscellaneous costs that inevitably pop up (i.e. hair and makeup trials, shipping costs for sending invites). Don’t forget gratuities in