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Kids Party Décor: What to Include in Your Next "Luxe Life" Kids Party

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

Kids Birthday Party Planning

One of the best ways we start planning a kids birthday party here at Luxe Life Event Design is to choose a theme and build everything around that. This is often a favorite character or show or movie, but often we suggest just choosing a color and/or pattern if your kids don’t have a favorite theme or if that theme wouldn’t translate very well throughout the party. You can choose one color and incorporate several shades of that color, or multiple colors that coordinate well. Once you’ve decided on a theme or scheme, start to source the following, or let Luxe Life take on the work for your party! We can help plan and design your kids party to meet you and your child's vision.

1. Paper Lanterns

We use paper lanterns in all types of events, and if the space and theme allow for it, definitely see how you can incorporate them. Choose the colors and sizes, and string them up and hang them above guests heads, or scatter for the kids to toss around. This is a cost effective way to add color and décor, and you can keep and reuse in the future.

2. Party Favors

Whether you offer little goodie bags, or larger custom made favors, see where you can incorporate the colors and theme into the favors. They should be displayed throughout the party so that guests can photograph them and kids will get excited to get one.

3. Party Hats

Even though they usually only last a few seconds on their heads, it’s so much fun to offer party hats for the little (and big) guests.

4. Balloons

One of the first things I learned when starting my event planning company is how much kids love balloons. As soon as we get everything carefully set up and the balloons positioned perfectly to spell out the name and age or the bouquets set to frame whatever we are framing, the first few little guests end up grabbing and pulling at the beautiful shiny and colorful orbs of fun. Balloons are another cost-effective way to pull together the party. Shop this out if you want really fun balloon décor, or DIY if you just want a few.

5. Hire A Party Planner/Coordinator

My event planning company Luxe Life Event Design can help plan, coordinate and design everything I mentioned in this post and much, much more! We specialize in unique events and love to help elevate kids birthday party experiences. Reach out to me today for more information on our services!

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