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Favors - To Have or Not To Have?

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Custom gin and tonic party favors designed and created by Luxe Life Event Design.
Custom gin and tonic party favors designed and created by Luxe Life Event Design.

Do I Really Need Favors?

One of the many services we (and most event planners) offer is to design and create favors for your wedding or special event. Some clients know that they want to have favors, and some clients ask "Do I really need favors?", which is a totally valid question. Parents don't want more plastic toys for their kids, and couples don't want to spend money on a picture frame or wine topper that their guests don't need and may even leave behind (so frustrating!). But party or wedding favors do not need to be expensive junk! We put a lot of time and effort into customizing items that represent the couple or guest of honor, and nothing excites our clients more than guests ooo-ing and ahh-ing at their favor display!

4 Favor Options for Your Party or Wedding:

1. Edible Favors

This is what we almost always suggest to our clients who are unsure of what to do, and it's also what most clients who know they want a favor ask for. Examples include a mini bottle of champagne, customized cookies, s'mores, local delicacies like honey, jam, or maple syrup. The best ones are really good quality items that just about everyone likes! Use a well-liked brand or trendy ingredient/style.

2. Donation

Great idea when there is something you are passionate about. Examples are animal rescues, children's hospitals, or research foundations for a health cause that impacts you or someone close to you. Be sure to leave a note at every place setting or on each table to educate your guests that you have donated on their behalf and include information about the organization you donated to.

3. Quality Items

For small birthday parties or weddings or larger events with a substantial budget, consider giving your guests a more upscale and interesting favor. Instead of a "goody bag", opt for one larger, nicer item. Our favorite kids party favors are the ones where we design a wooden puzzle, hardback book, well made backpack, etc. Spend a little bit more to leave a lasting impact on your guests, and go for companies that use sustainable and ethical practices.

4. No Favor

If you say "no gifts" on your invitation, it's perfectly acceptable to not give a favor either. The point of your event is clearly to spend time with your guests and have them enjoy the details (like food, beverage, décor, and entertainment) you put so much work into.

Think About the Type of Event

The type of event also plays a little into whether or not your guests may expect a favor. Guests of weddings are often spending a lot of money to attend your event, it's important to give them a great meal, entertainment, and something to remember the event by after they leave. Events (i.e. kids parties) where guests are already getting an entertainment and activity-packed few hours, it's less important to focus on a take away item. Favor costs can range significantly based on how customized they are and how many guests you have having. Reach out to us for ideas for favors or to design a favor for your next event!

Favor Examples

A look at a few custom designed favors from Luxe Life's portfolio:

View our instagram for more favor ideas!

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