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Wedding and Event Food Trucks – Trendy Catering Idea or Just too Non-traditional?

Shake Shake food truck at birthday party.
Shake Shake Food Truck at a birthday party planned and coordinated by Luxe Life Event Design .

Event Food Truck Basics

Living and working in the NJ/NYC area my entire life, I am no stranger to food trucks! There are so many to choose from and constantly new ones opening. It’s a great way for new chefs to test out a catering concept and food trends without the same hassle of a brick and mortar restaurant. The first memories of food trucks are the classic hot dog carts and halal trucks that are on every other NYC block. Years later, you can get a beautiful, interesting and quality meal out of a food truck. Some of your favorite restaurants offer food trucks or carts for catering and special events, and they range from reasonable to really pricey.

Food Trucks for Weddings and Special Events

We receive a lot of requests from clients for food trucks. Oftentimes people want them for the end of the night to serve guests a snack or dessert, and sometimes people want them for the main meal. I’ll break down the pros and cons to having a food truck at your wedding or special event and if you're still unsure about including a food truck for your big day reach out to my event planning company, we bring in food trucks for all styles of events and would love to help!



For unique venues, a food truck can often be a catering solution! If your venue doesn’t have access to kitchen facilities or have proper space for a buffet set up, food trucks are the perfect answer.


Usually, the cost of a food truck will be less than an on site caterer who needs to bring in cooking equipment and rentals, and the on site time and staff will be less.


Most food trucks we work with only need 30-45 minutes of prep time. They’ll come park in the desired location, start prepping food, and then voila – ready to serve your guests!



Your venue needs to have space for the truck to drive from the street and park in a safe and acceptable location. Some locations require a permit from the truck, or approval for it to park.


For a birthday or engagement party, food trucks are a no brainer! For a wedding, our couples are excited to include a food truck but we often hear the parents or grandparents are not so thrilled. Older generations sometimes prefer and expect a sit down meal, not standing at a cocktail table eating the main meal.


Depending on the food and how much the staff can prepare, it can take some time for the food to come out. Guests may order and have to stand for 10-15 minutes while they make the food to order. Alternatively, some food trucks with prepare the meal so much that it only takes a minute but may not taste as fresh.

For thoughts and questions on catering or for help planning your event reach out to us!

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