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Wedding and Event Entertainment: DJ or Live Music

High and Mighty Brass Band performing for guests at a private event that was planned, coordinated and designed by Luxe Life Event Design in Brooklyn, NY.
High and Mighty Brass Band performing for guests at a private event that was planned, coordinated and designed by Luxe Life Event Design in Brooklyn, NY.

As an event panner, almost all of our couples and clients ask early in the planning process, “Should I have a DJ or a band?”. The answer to this depends on several factors including the vibe you are going for, your budget for the event, and logistics of the venue. All we can ask is that for your wedding, no matter the budget, we highly suggest that you include someone to handle the audio!

We’ve seen and heard that trying to get away with a pre-programmed playlist will miss out on so much potential energy for your reception! You will definitely want a professional who is available to announce you into the room, make announcements throughout the night, read the room and change the music as necessary, and keep the night on schedule! Think about the following when deciding what type of entertainment you’ll have:

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Entertainment for Your Wedding or Event

1. Wedding and Event Vibes

Many of our wedding couples will opt for live music at ceremony and cocktail hour and then switch to a DJ for the reception. Some will have live music all night, and some will have DJ all night. If you are looking for Top 40 songs and a true dance party, DJ might be the way to go. If you are looking for a truly unique experience and love live music, band would be the better option.

If you're looking for inspiration for wedding entertainment or just don't know where to start with your wedding planning, Luxe Life Event Design is the best at designing dream weddings and planing all the necessary details that are required to create your ideal feeling.

2. Wedding and Event Budget

Most live music options will be more costly than a DJ. However, popular DJ’s may be just as much as a several piece live band. Both options should be able to handle emceeing the reception and getting the party going! Interview several options so you can find the best fit, and instead of asking for a discount, see if the DJ or band will throw something in (i.e. an extra hour, an extra emcee/band member, etc.).

Luxe Life Event Design can help manage your wedding's budget, allowing your dollar to be used efficiently to match your vision.

3. Wedding and Event Venue (Audio)

Your venue may determine which entertainment options are possible. Is there on site audio equipment? Does the venue allow additional equipment to be brought in? Is there space for a live band to perform? DJ’s also may provide photobooths or other add on’s as well.

When coordinating a wedding, these are the types of details that if overlooked have a large impact on your guest's experience. Luxe Life has day of coordination services that ensure your wedding day will run smoothly.

Event and Wedding DJ vs. Live Music; Why not Both?

An ideal option may be to combine both! Some wedding and event entertainers offer a DJ and live music combo, with maybe one or two people that switch back and forth between live vocals/an instrument and DJ’ing. There are thousands of bands and DJ’s in the NYC area alone, so do some research to see what option works best for you! And for more help wedding planning connect with Luxe Life Event Design, the top wedding planner in NYC.


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