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Sweet Birthday and Wedding Dessert Trends You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Cake and Dessert Trends

Semi-naked wedding cake and tablescape.

Cake and dessert trends are almost constantly changing. We’ve had the bigger the better cake trend, the cupcake trend, the cake pop trend, and the unicorn cake trend among tons of other popular styles over the last few decades. It’s much more rare in 2019 to see a huge multi-tiered white wedding cake than it was even 5 years ago.

Wedding Cake Design

Our couples are looking to find really good quality items to serve to their guests and don’t want to waste layers of (sometimes) average tasting cake. If you or your family members are traditional and expect a piece of wedding cake but you also want to please all guests, it’s a great idea to get one or a few single tiered cakes and then choose a favorite dessert to also serve. Many couples are leaning toward having their caterers create a dessert or bringing in their favorite doughnut shop, ice cream parlor, or bakery to serve a favorite treat.

Birthday Cake Design

Alternatively, birthday and celebration cakes are often more intricate than a simple layer cake. Explosion cakes, multi-tiered decorated cakes, hand-painted cakes, rainbow cakes and other customized details are more and more common. Customized sprinkle colors, cake toppers (ask us to create a custom designed cake topper one for your next party!), and trendy candles are much more available now. With food allergies and preferences, many party hosts are being considerate of their guests' needs. We work with many bakeries who are now offering gluten free and vegan flavors and the quality of these are improving greatly so all guests would be satisfied. If you’re holding any kind of event this year, stay in the loop with 5 of the latest dessert trends!

1. One tier cakes with eye-catching detail

Hand-painted cakes and customized fondant figurines

2. Sprinkles and candy filled birthday cakes

Explosion cakes, sprinkle covered cakes, funfetti cakes – the more colorful the better!

3. Florals and greens

Especially on multi-tiered cakes, you may find a few florals and greens on each tier to coordinate with the rest of the décor

4. Cheese “cakes”

Our couples that don’t have a sweet tooth may opt for a cheese “cake”, rounds of excellent quality cheeses layered on top to look like a tiered cake. Often served with fruit or chocolate.

5. Alternative desserts

Still popular is choosing one or more alternative desserts for your guests to choose from. Also popular is stacking these in a tower, like doughnut or macaron towers, or like this custom doughnut wall we designed and built for a safari themed party!

As always, connect with us for all of your event planning, coordinating and design needs!

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