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LUXE Colors of Fall

Every season the team at Luxe Life develops our own color palette which we will utilize throughout our weddings and events over the next few months. We send this to the subscribers of our newsletter "Season of Luxe" at the beginning of the new season, so be sure to subscribe to Luxe Life so you can be in on the latest trends in the event world.

Luxe Life's Fall Event Colors

Most people (at least here in the tri-state) go crazy for Fall because we experience such distinct season changes. Fall brings crisp air and colorful foliage and warm and spicy food and beverages. I am a very seasonal person and I take the colors and flavors of each few months seriously! I like to indulge in the delicacies when they are at their peak (i.e. ice cream only in the Summer and hot apple cider only in the Fall). I’m very inspired by trends and the feelings I get from them.

Colors for Fall Weddings and Parties

If you love color (like me!) and are inspired by color schemes, definitely include these colors into your next event. If you have a birthday or a kid’s birthday, a holiday party, work event, or anything else, utilize a few Fall colors to bring in the elegance of this season.

We encourage you to incorporate seasonal colors and flavors not only into your Fall events, but also into family dinners, casual get togethers, and when out for coffee or drinks.

Fall also brings packed schedules and less sunlight in the day, so if you have an upcoming event and need extra hands or design ideas, reach out to us for party planning help!

Fall Event Planning

As we gear up for the next few events, I’ll show you (make sure you follow Luxe Life on Instagram) how we are incorporating the Luxe Colors of Fall into our parties and our daily lives. Have another favorite Fall color? E-mail or DM it to us now for the chance to win a Luxe Life tote!

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