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How Hiring an Event Planner Can Save You Money!

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

It’s a common misconception that hiring an event planner, coordinator, or designer will add to your total event budget. That’s actually not usually the case! (If you are unsure of the difference between an event planner, coordinator, or designer, we have outlined each in our Ultimate Guide to Types of Event Planners!) While you’ll likely pay an upfront fee for their services, the vendor relationships, creative ideas, and expertise that your event planner brings can often save you money!

Luxe Life Event Design's event planner blowing up balloons and decorating for party, with "event tip" and megaphone overlay.

Top 3 Reasons Why Hiring an Event Planner Can Save You Money

1. Relationships

Experienced wedding and event planners have worked really hard to foster relationships with quality services such as caterers, photographers, DJ’s and live musicians, bakeries, venues, rental companies and more. They’ll know which vendors are right for your budget, and may have agreements worked out where the vendor may apply a discount or throw in extra products/services (i.e. the photographer may throw in an engagement shoot or an extra hour of shooting time, or the venue may allow them to get in earlier than they allow other couples). The vendors trust the event planner(s) they work with over and over and develop a sense of trust that they wouldn’t necessarily extend to someone they’ve never met. Plus, they’ve already vetted these vendors so you don’t have to, saving you lots of time and research. If you have a vendor that you prefer to work with, your planner can review the contract and possibly negotiate on your behalf.

2. Experience

Having seen many different styles of events, we also can bring ideas, tips, and tricks that you may have never even considered. Something I suggest to clients who don’t have a particular love for cake is to consider 1-3 small (or large) round cakes of different flavors, and adding a dessert you actually love. This could end up saving a few hundred dollars as well as give your guests a quality dessert that is a reflection of you! Some event planners can even provide you with a selection of low cost rentals when using a larger event rental company doesn't match the needs of your event.

3. Know How

Finally, most event planners will have meticulously planned your event, going over every detail with a fine tooth comb. But you might ask me, what separates an average planner from a great planner? The honest answer is having the ability to react to situations that arise that could jeopardize the experience of your event. We plan for months or even years to prepare for weddings and special events but there are certain unforeseen challenges that can arise, such as having a security issue, or having inclement weather cause electrical outages. Knowing what to do in these situations is why a great event planner can end up saving you money!

Research and Reach Out

It’s really important to do your research and know what services you are looking for, and then call and interview your potential planner to make sure you are a good fit. Be extremely transparent about your budget and expectations and you will be set up to have a great planning experience! Start planning your event with Luxe Life Event Design today; we love hearing from you and take pride in making your vision a reality while just as importantly, meeting your budgetary goals. Connect with us today, we are always here to help with your special occasions!

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