Festive Napkin Folds for Your Fall Table

Fall Tablescape: Napkins

If you’re someone who likes to entertain, you’ve probably played around with a napkin fold before. Whether you are having a small dinner party or entertaining a holiday for the entire family, a linen napkin at each place setting can elevate your look and make your tablescape insta-worthy.

Types of Napkins

Linen napkins will always look better than paper napkins, in my opinion, however paper napkins can be folded in more intricate designs. Linen napkins can be pressed once in their completed fold to help set them in their design. They can be found in a variety of fabrics, the most common and cost effective being polyester. Some of the more interesting and textured fabrics that I include in my clients events are satin, silk, velvet, and sequin. Most linen napkins can be found in the size 20” x 20”, with some offering alternative sizes like 17” x 17”.

Napkin Folds to Master

It’s worth making a small purchase of a neutral color or your favorite color linen napkins that you can reuse at various occasions. If you’re hosting an upscale event, have menus or notes printed to slip in or place on each napkin. You can put a little accent of florals, a leaf, greenery or twine on each napkin. Here are 3 easy folds you can replicate for your next event (stay tuned for tutorials):

Luxe Life Event Design's

The Double Pointed Pocket Napkin Fold

Luxe Life Event Design's

Three Pocket Napkin Fold

Luxe Life Event Design's

Wide Pointed Pocket Napkin Fold

Napkin Placement on Table

Place your napkins on each plate, a charger, directly on the table, or on each guests chair. For ideas on how to master your place settings, or event planning help reach out to me today!

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