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Eco-Trendy: Elevating Environmentally Friendly Tables

Luxe Life Event Design's Eco-Friendly Place Setting

Environmentally Conscious Event Planning

Being environmentally ethical and conscious is a consistently growing trend for individuals and businesses. We have many clients we plan and design events for that request all of the paper products be compostable for their kids party or all of the food be donated after their wedding.

Although this is not a new trend, I notice our clients and vendors becoming more and more interested in adopting these practices. And why not?! Events can produce a lot of waste if not planned carefully, and it’s really easy to incorporate these practices into your next formal or casual (or anything in between) event, just like we do here at Luxe Life Event Design.

Formal Eco-Friendly Place Setting

It’s also really easy to create a more formal look while using compostable products. We love mixing the tonal colors of bamboo, palm leaf, and sugarcane pieces with glassware and linens to create a really beautiful tablescape. Due to the increased interest of eco-friendly tableware, there are now many more offerings of sizes, shapes, and materials available that allow for a formal table setting.

You can include multiple sizes of plates for different courses (i.e. appetizer plate, lunch or dinner plate, dessert plate). Compostable utensils are now coming in colors to match your theme. The perfect opportunity to include an eco-friendly setting is a venue that requires you to bring absolutely everything in (i.e. empty space). Couples looking for a beautiful yet slightly untraditional wedding can include eco-friendly settings for a formal look while keeping costs much more reasonable than using china and flatware.

Casual Eco-Friendly Place Setting

Compostable table settings can and should be used for any event that requires disposables! Luxe Life uses them for most birthday parties and the cost is actually comparable to a lot of “fashion” (trendy) paper products now. We also include compostable to-go containers in many events for guests and/or clients to pack up their leftover food and dessert. If you have leftover plates, use them at your next dinner party, barbeque, Superbowl party, or any other gathering (and skip having to do the dishes).

Reach out to us for ideas on how to incorporate eco-friendly options into your next party which we can incorporate into any of our event planning services!

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