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Wedding Photobooths: How Capturing Trendy Wedding Photos has Evolved

Organic balloon wall with selfie booth for a birthday party at Jane's Carousel in Dumbo Brooklyn, New York.
Organic balloon wall with an open air photobooth for a birthday party in Brooklyn, NY. Event planned, coordinated and designed by Luxe Life Event Design.

Wedding Photography Through the Years

Capturing moments at weddings used to be a task solely assigned to the hired photographer. Couples would order an album and that would be the keepsake and documentation of the moments that happened throughout the wedding. When instant cameras became a thing, couples started to provide them for tables of guests to take photos so that candid moments could be captured.

Then of course smartphones started supplementing the photographer photos, but couples still largely hire a photographer to get professional photos of the whole day. Photobooths came on the scene in the form of the large box rooms where guests could dress up in props and stage their own photos. They get a printout and the couple get a copy as well. Photobooths then got sleeker and took up less floor space, but still have a blank or simple backdrop.

Trendy Wedding Photobooths in the Rest of 2019 and 2020

Expect to see much more unique areas dedicated to photo moments. Currently, we are moving into a phase where we are designing "photo ops" for our couples and hosts instead of a traditional photobooth. This is a more interactive option, where there are some objects that guests can pose with. It might be themed to go with the rest of the event, or it might be a wall with objects attached to it. In addition we design and make custom photo op props for our couples and hosts!

Guests should be able to step into the scene and pose and have a really unique keepsake. If the event is on a budget, allow guests to take pictures of themselves with their phones, or provide some instant cameras in the area. If budget does allow, hire a wedding photographer to cover the event and have them take photos of guests using the photo op. If budget is unlimited, hire a photographer to be stationed at the photo op all night.

For help finding vendors for your wedding and throughout the entire wedding planning process, Luxe Life Event Design can provide you with all levels of wedding planning. Start planning for your wedding with Luxe Life today!

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