Wedding Flowers - Where Do I Start?

Wedding Flowers Checklist

Florals are one of those categories that most people either know a lot about or don’t care about at all! Almost every wedding has some kind of floral element, whether you love over the top centerpieces, simple earthy garlands, or just want some bridal bouquets and boutonnieres. If florals really aren’t your thing, this is an easy budget cut!

If you are into florals, here are some of the pieces you’ll want to consider having:

1. Bridal Bouquet

This should have colors and florals that coordinate with the rest of the wedding and are ones that you love!

2. Bridesmaids Bouquets

These should coordinate with the bridal bouquet but may a bit smaller or different in some way.

3. Groom and Groomsmen Boutonnieres

The grooms boutonniere should coordinate with the bridal bouquet (maybe one large red rose if the bridal bouquet features red roses), and the groomsmen (as well as fathers, grandfathers, other important family members) should have slightly smaller ones.

4. Corsages

These should coordinate with the bridal bouquet but perhaps be a different color or a different flower.

5. Centerpieces

Table décor can range so significantly depending on your budget and what styles you like! You can have a really tall vase with a huge centerpiece, or a small vase filled with flowers surrounded by candles. Garland straight on the table is increasingly popular, especially on a wooden table. Keep in mind that guests should be able to see each other across the table!

6. Ceremony Décor

If you have an arch, you may want to consider some garland or arrangements mounted on the arch or arbor. Some arrangements or rose petals down the aisle, a single floral on each chair, or some arrangements at the start of the aisle are all options.

7. Cake/Cake Table

You may want some florals on your cake, or surrounding the cake on your cake table. These usually would coordinate with the rest of the arrangements.

8. Custom Floral Décor and Additional Touches

Styled welcome tables, custom designed welcome signs, buffet table, bar, or fireplace mantles are all great places to put florals, garlands, and/or candles.

A lot of wedding couples settle on floral centerpieces because they haven't seen other options and don’t know what else they’d put on a round table. My event planning company Luxe Life Event Design custom designs wedding tablescapes that are unique to your wedding vision, floral or non-floral. Connect with me for help wedding planning or designing custom wedding centerpieces!

Major Floral Decisions that will Affect Your Budget

Bridal Party

Consider the number of bridesmaids and groomsmen when you think about your floral budget and overall wedding budget. Expect to pay at least $100 per bouquet and $20 per boutonniere, this can of course range significantly depending on your location and florist.

Number of guest tables

If you have a small guest count, you’ll likely need a small number of centerpieces. If you have smaller tables, the arrangements can be smaller. If you have larger tables and a huge guest count, you’ll need more and larger arrangements.

Floral choices

If you’re on a budget, ask your florist to use only seasonal and cost effective florals. If they know you are trying to keep the costs down, they’ll likely suggest vases and florals that are low cost to them and easy to work with. If you have very specific floral choices that your florist has to order from a specific place, the costs will reflect that.

Set Up

This is something a lot of couples may not think about. Not only does your florist have to deliver your bouquets and boutonnieres to wherever all parties are getting ready, but they have to set up everything on site at the ceremony and/or reception! It may take a lot of time, and they will charge accordingly.

Planning Wedding Florals

Schedule a consultation with a florist you like or one that is recommended to you to get an idea of what is available to you in terms of florals and what it will all cost. Keep in mind that florists charge what they charge because floral design is so much work! They will have several consultations and e-mails and phone calls with you or your wedding planner, oftentimes even before they are in contract with you!

Florists will design arrangements based on the information you tell them, which often is either left up to them to create something for you, or so specific that they have to do some research to make sure it is possible to get the things you want. They also have to order extra of every flower to account for some that arrive wilted and some that won’t make it to the wedding day. Be as specific as possible with your florist about your budget and ideas so that they can communicate what exactly is possible! Reach out to us for florist recommendations or for ideas for your next event!

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