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Summer Party Help: Planning a Red, White and Blue Party

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Watermelon and hot dogs in patriotic tablescape.

With the heat of Summer comes barbecues, outdoor birthday parties and other get-togethers with family and friends. I love the red/white/blue patriotic color scheme for Summer parties! It’s ideal for Memorial and Labor Day, July 4th, or any warm weather gathering. And what's more New York then hot dogs at a Summer party! Here are some essentials for your next red, white and blue (patriotic) party:

1. Paper Lanterns

If you have the capability, hang a string of paper lanterns in the guest party area.

2. Watermelon

This is a non-negotiable! Watermelon is so refreshing during the hot humid weather and is always a crowd favorite. To make these easily grabbable slices (like in the photo above) you’ll need:

  • A small watermelon

  • Knife

  • Heavy duty scissors

  • Wide popsicle sticks

Cut each popsicle stick in half with a pair of heavy duty scissors.

Cut a little slice off of one area of the watermelon so that it stays steady on a flat surface.

Starting at one end, make cuts from top to bottom so that you have large rounds with the rind around the exterior.

Cut each round in half, and each half in half again so that you have 4 triangles from each round.

Using a sharp paring knife, make a cut in the center of each rind and wiggle the knife around so that the indent is large enough to fit a popsicle stick.

Insert the popsicle stick in (flat side first) at least half of the rind so that it won’t slip out when guests pick up.

Display on a light-colored tray for guests to easily grab and stay clean!

3. BBQ

For food, choose your favorite summer barbecue foods – hot dogs, hamburgers, skewers, healthy and fresh salads. Serve on themed display trays and use red/white/blue paper products!

4. Pool/Water Toys/Games

If your party includes little ones, it’s great to include a small inflatable pool and some water toys to keep them cool. For adults, provide some lawn games to keep everyone occupied.

Beachball arch at party entrance.
Luxe Life's custom beachball archway!

5. Beach Ball/Tube Arch

Include a great photo moment for guests to document their time at your party. Stay tuned for a future post on how to replicate this inflatable toy arch we created for the entryway to a 1st birthday party.

6. Cocktails/Beer

Keep drinks simple with white/rosé wine, beer, and perhaps a signature iced cocktail. Most guests are fine serving themselves easy drinks, but provide a bartender if you serve anything complicated or expect a really large turnout.

7. Luxe Life Event Design

Having Luxe Life provide our planning and design services will help your Summer party start way before the big day! We take care of planning all of the details of your party and also provide coordination for the day of the party so everything runs smoothly. Connect with us for more information on our party planning services.

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