How To Include an Escort Sign at a Formal Wedding Dinner

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The start of Spring in NYC brings warmer weather (YAY!) which reintroduces trends in every aspect of events. We see fresh produce, iced cocktails, outdoor seating, colorful florals, and lighter brighter looks overall. Spring also starts off “wedding season”, which traditionally spans from May to October in the Northeast.

As we plan and design for our upcoming weddings, engagement parties, and other events, we get lots of questions and requests about how formal an event should be; i.e. should it be fully seated, partially seated, buffet style, cocktail style (if you're unsure of any of these terms or just want to learn more we'll breakdown seating options in a separate post). While we enjoy planning all the various seating styles, there is something special about a beautifully seated formal dinner. When planning a formal dinner, a piece of décor that we love to incorporate is the ESCORT SIGN.