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Bridal Party Responsibilities to Expect

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Bridesmaids having pictures taken with groom.

Being asked to be a bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, groomsman, Best Man, Man of Honor, or another part of a bridal party can be so exciting and such an honor! It means your friend or family member values you and your support above most others and wants to share one of their biggest life moments with you. I’ve proudly been a Maid of Honor and bridesmaid several times for some of the most important people to me. But some people that have experienced being in a wedding party or are couples inviting people into their wedding party end up having horror stories of the process. I’d like to break down some of the major responsibilities that may be expected of you!

Bridal Party: Potential Wedding Events to Attend

  • Engagement Party

  • Bridesmaid Weekend / Choosing the Dresses

  • The Bridal Shower

  • The Bachelorette / Bachelor Party

  • Rehearsal Dinner

  • The Wedding

  • Post Wedding Brunch or Event

  • Helping with Wedding responsibilities (i.e. Bride’s dress fittings, cake tasting, venue searching, favor making)

Some couples want a very relaxed experience and are just happy that you are involved in their day and agree to buy a dress. Others may expect a significant amount of time and financial resources from you, whether they realize it at the beginning or not. How much you spend and how many times you have to travel also largely depends on how involved and special you want to make this for them. Maybe you will want to design or order special fun t-shirts or accessories – this isn’t a typical expense that you’d expect from the beginning, but a bunch of nice touches like this throughout the process will add up.

Also keep in mind that responsibilities may vary based on location and culture. We highly suggest having a very honest conversation with the bride/groom and other members of the bridal party on what everyone’s expectations are. If you have a very demanding job or school schedule and may not be able to travel much, let that be known to the group and offer to contribute in other ways. Set aside a budget at the beginning of the process and make sure you are comfortable with everything that is being asked of you! Groups that aren’t honest about how much they want or can spend are often the ones that have all that drama!

Bridal Party: Potential Costs

  • Dress/suit and alterations

  • Hair and make up

  • Shoes and jewelry and potentially other accessories

  • Engagement gift

  • Travel for bridesmaids weekend to get to know bridesmaids and pick out dress

  • Travel and costs for bridal shower (venue, hotel, car or ride share, flight, games/props, food/beverage, favors, decorations)

  • Shower gift

  • Travel and costs for bachelor or bachelorette (fun accessories, alcohol, hotel, flight, car or ride share, restaurants, snacks, games, activities)

  • Travel and costs for wedding (hotel, flight, car or ride share)

  • Wedding gift

Reach out to us with your stories of being a member of a bridal party or a bride or groom and your suggestions on how to create a smooth experience!

Let us help plan an upcoming bridal shower, bachelorette or bachelor party, engagement party, or wedding!

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