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Balloon Order Terms

Balloon Order Terms and Conditions


April 14, 2024

Luxe Life Balloons

Luxe Life loves being a part of your special occasions in life and want to make your balloon ordering process as special and memorable as the moments we decorate.
These Balloon Order Terms and Conditions (Balloon Order Terms) apply to balloon orders placed with The Luxe Life Event Design, LLC (Luxe Life Balloons, Luxe Life, us, we, our) and describe how Luxe Life receives, processes and fulfills your balloon order! If you have any questions please ask, we’re here to make ordering custom designed balloon installations easy and fun!

  • We fill our schedule on a first come first serve basis. Your order and delivery date is not confirmed until we verify our availability and receive your payment. If there is a delay in payment (typically more than 24 hours) your originally estimated date/time may not be available. If this occurs, we'll work with you to modify your delivery date/time to the next available one that works for your event! Due to volume of inquiries we do not reserve dates and do not guarantee availability that may have previously been discussed without a deposit. We try to do our best to keep in touch with you and your inquiries but it is your responsibility to follow up with an unpaid open order.

    Last Minute; Rush Orders. We’ve all been there! Luxe Life will always try to accommodate your last minute and same day balloon orders. Our schedule fills up well in advance of event dates, but we do our best to accommodate last minute or same day orders. Although Luxe Life stocks a large variety of balloons, if your order is confirmed within 7 days of your event date it may incur a rush fee depending on its complexity.

  • Deposits are non-refundable. $200 order minimum for Northern New Jersey and $500 order minimum for New York City. By paying your deposit you agree to pay the remaining balance of your balloon order as well as the delivery and installation fees outlined in these Balloon Order Terms. Payment is due in full two weeks prior to your event date. Late/non-payment will result in the cancellation of your balloon order. Your order is subject to NJ tax.

  • Luxe Life wants you to start enjoying your balloons when you want to! To ensure a smooth delivery, when placing your order please inform Luxe Life of any instructions necessary to deliver your balloons, such as loading dock requirements, gate code, apartment number, specific door to use, and parking restrictions.

    Delivery Fee. $25 minimum delivery fee. Delivery fee is calculated based on your event delivery address. Special rates for NYC delivery.

    Delivery Windows. As planners and designers, Luxe Life understands how important timelines are in events. That’s why we offer two hour scheduled delivery windows for your balloon orders that are finalized the week before your event date! Please note any time constraints your event has when placing your order. Delivery windows are estimated and subject to change.

    Early / Late Delivery. Luxe Life will work with you to get you your balloons when you need them! If requested, Luxe Life can deliver your order outside our normal delivery hours (10:00am - 6:00pm). Delivery windows outside our normal delivery hours will result in an additional fee.

    Bulk Delivery. Your order might be subject to a “bulk” delivery fee. Luxe Life will determine if a bulk delivery fee applies to your order and will let you know when estimating your order total.

    Apartments; Hotels. If your balloons are being delivered to an apartment building or hotel, Luxe Life will attempt to deliver to the provided apartment/room number. If the information provided is inaccurate or our team cannot access the apartment or hotel for any reason, Luxe Life will attempt to contact you. If you are unreachable Luxe Life will deliver your order to the buildings reception desk or foyer if possible and will notify you.

    Gift Orders. If your balloon order is being installed as a gift, such as on the recipient’s front door, Luxe Life will attempt to receive consent from the recipient to install your balloons on their house or property. If Luxe Life is unable to establish communication with recipient, you warrant you have the right to and you give Luxe Life the permission to enter and install your balloon order on recipient’s property. If for whatever reason Luxe Life is denied permission to enter or install your balloons your order will be subject to our cancellation policy.

  • Since we design our balloons for spaces and to meet the vision of your event, most orders require Luxe Life to assemble and install on site. If your event is being held at a venue, you will confirm Luxe Life is allowed to deliver to and install your balloons at the venue.

    Installation Fee. Most products include installation. An installation fee may be added to the subtotal of large orders requiring custom installation such as Garland, Arch and Rental Scenes.

    Methods. Luxe Life will determine the best possible method for the installation of your balloons. Certain balloon orders may include temporary adhesive clips for you to install balloons yourself, or when necessary, we’ll use high quality temporary adhesive to install your balloons. When used, these will be left with your balloons and should allow you to safely remove from the surface once balloons have been enjoyed. PRIOR TO DELIVERY YOU WILL NOTIFY LUXE LIFE OF ANY BALLOON INSTALLATION RESTRICTIONS, SUCH AS THE USE OF ADHESIVES. LUXE LIFE IS NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE CAUSED BY OR RELATED TO THE METHODS USED TO INSTALL YOUR BALLOONS. To ensure your balloons are installed and ready to go by the start of your event, if a location of your balloons has not been finalized by the time Luxe Life is ready to install, Luxe Life will install your balloons where it determines is best.

  • If your order includes a rental provided by Luxe Life such as a backdrop stand or balloon structure such as Arch and Column, Luxe Life will return after your event (no more than 24 - 48 hours after delivery, unless otherwise noted) to pick up our equipment. You will leave the rental in the exact location Luxe Life installed. Any damage caused by the mistreatment of Luxe Life’s equipment such as moving or disassembly will incur a repair or replacement fee as determined by Luxe Life.

    Pick Up Fee. A pick up fee is added to orders containing a rental and is calculated by location and time of day. Typically it's the same as your delivery fee or it will be slightly higher if you need Luxe Life to return the same day and/or outside of normal hours (10:00 am - 6:00 pm).

  • Luxe Life’s roots are in event planning and design. We understand when planning a celebration the unexpected can happen.

    Reschedule. If you need to reschedule your balloon order you must do so at least two weeks prior to your event date and Luxe Life will work with you to reschedule or modify your order if necessary and apply your deposit to a future order.

    Cancellation. If for any reason you wish to cancel your balloon order you can do so prior to two weeks from your event date, your deposit is non-refundable. If you wish to cancel your balloon order within two weeks of your event date and you are no longer able to reschedule your order, and will pay your full fee/remaining balance if we have started to prepare your order.

    Returns. Every balloon order is custom designed and created to fit the exact colors, style or theme of your special occasion. This level of customization means Luxe Life will not accept returns of balloon orders. If there is an issue with your order, we are here to help! Please contact Luxe Life, or let our experienced Luxe Life team know your concern so they have the opportunity to make it right!

  • Luxe Life Balloons uses the highest quality balloons in the industry! Though we take measures to ensure the prolonged life of your balloons, Luxe Life is not liable for balloons once they are out of our care. Balloons do have limits and yours are not guaranteed to last after they have been delivered. The immediate environment such as weather (direct sun, high heat or cold temperatures), children, animals, or installation location conditions can negatively affect the life of our designs. For outdoor deliveries/installations we suggest you choose a location out of direct sunlight for the best chance at having them last. If that's not possible, please plan to have your balloons delivered or installed as close to the start of the main event as possible. Luxe Life will replace any popped balloons while on site, however we do not return to replace any popped or deflated balloons.

  • Luxe Life maintains business insurance. If your venue requires a certificate of insurance (COI) for your balloon order, Luxe Life is happy to provide a COI at no additional cost prior to two weeks of your delivery date. If you request a COI from Luxe Life within two weeks of your delivery date you may be charged a $25 rush fee.

  • We reserve the right to modify these Balloon Order Terms at any time, so please review it regularly. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately upon their posting on our site. If we make material changes to these terms we will notify you here that it has been updated.

    Luxe Life honors your privacy and cares for information you share with us for your balloon order in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

    If you have any questions about these Balloon Order Terms and Conditions please contact us.

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